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Wooden sets are a prepared basis for creativity. A work with wood reminds about the nature and evokes a feeling of a warmth and an unity with the environment. Wooden details can be painted in any style and they will become unique and exclusive objects. The thematic coloring books (one page) attached to the sets are an art therapy that helps to develop an imagination and artistic skills, as well as to harmonize the internal state and remove the psychological tension. More about the "Creative People" Art Project here.

Information about the "REINDEER" wooden art set:
* Wooden sets are a unique development which has no analogues. All wooden details, coloring pages, illustrations and packaging material prints are designed in MNQstudio.

* Set includes wooden details (19 details), colouring book (one page), information booklet, a case of plywood.

* All items are made by hand from natural wood and are sand-papered.

* Thickness of wooden parts 2.8 cm

* A case dimensions 29 x 21.5 x 5 cm

Terms of use:
* Protect raw details from contact with water. After colouring and varnishing the wood becomes water resistant, but still can not tolerate long-lasting moisture.

* Protect from bumps and drops to prevent chips and cracks.