Willow Flowering

20 €
Size 50x70 cm

POSTER "Willow Flowering"
150 g semigloss paper.

2 Remaining

The series of works "The Early Morning" reflects the natural manifestations that occur regularly in our life, but which, nevertheless, are not ordinary and simple. The main color of the works is " Payne's grey ". This shade harmonizes with any styles and combines with various color solutions of interiors. Also a good addition is a bright yellow saturated color, bringing a freshness and a sense of warmth to the collection.
The series of works will be supplemented.

A willow itself is already a real poetry, which is imprinted in graphics. In the refined verticals of branches an aspiration and a viability are expressed. And at the same time a light gentle fluff of the kidneys brings a softness and a sensuality. The natural balance of the form of a willow makes return to it again and again, looking for new graphic means of expression.

The posters are made on 150g/m semigloss paper.

We recommend having it framed right away.

Frame is not included.

The posters are shipped in cardboard tubes to avoid a damage during a shipping.

Note! Due to the digital format of photos we cannot give a 100% guarantee of conformity in color images with real products.