Note! Please contact us before returning any items.
If you have a complaint or a claim, you must contact us and give all information about the reason for the complaint.

Return Policy
You can return the product within 14 days of delivery if for some reason it did not suit you.
The product or all parts of it must be in a new condition.
If the product was damaged or used by the customer, it should not be refunded.
Please make sure to include the contact information with the return.
We will refund the cost of products acceptable for a return.

Purchase returns
When returning international items please put a mark "Returned goods" clearly, to avoid any customs duties. We are not responsible for the return of customs duties. Any charges incurred are the responsibility of the customer.

How to exchange the selected item for another?
If you wish to replace the ordered items with other, before we have transferred the order to the transport company, send us an email. If you received your order, but you want to exchange it for another product from the store, please contact us within three days after receiving. In this case, the customer pays the return delivery and the delivery of the newly sent items. The product price is also recalculated, if the newly selected product costs more or less than the returned product.

Transport Damage
If the product was lost during the delivery or you received a damaged product, please inform us about it.

Unclaimed packages
If the parcel has not been received by you within the time limit for receipt of the items at your post office (usually 14-30 days), we reserve the right to charge you with a handling fee to cover post storage expenses and a sending back.