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Cookies is a set of specific information *, sent by a web server and stored in a text file on the user's computer. Each time you try to open a site page, cookie is sent by the web client (browser) to the web server as an HTTP request, which provides:

-the authentication of users visiting the site;
-saving personal preferences and user settings;
-tracking the state of the user's access session;
-keeping statistics about the user.

Currently, the absolute majority of sites and online stores require the acceptance of cookies by browsers.

In modern browsers it is possible to disable cookie files, but disabling them can make it impossible / problematic to work with some sites.

We use cookies to organize more convenient work with our site, including saving some selected parameters by the user (for example, the country of residence). Also cookies help to generate a site usage statistics and to build a competent marketing based on the users’ preferences. Our site offers e-commerce (or payment) services, and some cookies are required to ensure that your order is remembered between pages so that we can process it properly.

If you work with our site you automatically agree with the use of cookies.

* Items, added to the cart, recently viewed items, system information, etc.


In some cases, we also use cookies provided by trusted third parties.

On our site Yandex Metrics is used to analyze the work of the site. For more information about Yandex Metrics cookies, please see the official Yandex Metrics page.
For more information about cookies read an article in Wikipedia on HTTP Cookies...