When we go to shops, we find a lot of kinds of goods… But how often do we think about the way of getting products on a counter? We buy flour, bread, sweet pastry - for many people it's just an usual -"everyday" life ... But what is the price of this "ordinary" life? - and how many "working hands" have made efforts to make this possible...?

         A cultivation of fields is a Great work! - It’s terrible to think what would happen if people stopped working on a land ... - The farming process is as old as the world but still responsible and hard, and also wonderful and inspiring!

         Here, in the fields, the joint work of a human and the Highest forces of the nature is felt as nowhere. The vast plains of plowed lands, carefully prepared by people, are being remained open under the supervision of the sun and the moon, the heavens, rains, thunderstorms and winds. - And we have no choice but to trust the Nature – her will, and at the same time to learn how to demonstrate a patience, a faith, an understanding and a humility in relation to the Power.

         «The Golden Fields. Richness» posters collection is created by an impression of rich views of surrounding landscapes, - of fields with sprouting shoots, of dry pale stems, left after a harvest, of thunderclouds, hanging over the earth in an intolerably soggy hot day, of sunsets over the edge of a horizon, pouring a fiery flame on arable lands. – There is a real magic, the indisputable course of evolution and the triumph of the power of the Nature in these processes!

         And these processes have found an expression in watercolor graphics. A linear minimalism symbolizes the fundamentality, the logicality and consistency of the processes, and a voluminous abstractionism brings the spirit of innovation, development and evolution. Posters from these series will be a great addition to the interior in the Scandinavian style or a bright accent, that attracts an attention and subordinates the entire motive of the room design. The color solution of the collection is grey-blue in a combination with bright yellow cadmium.

"THE GOLDEN FIELDS. RICHNESS" posters collection:

*  "A plowed land"
*  "Thunderstorms are coming"
*  "After the rain"
*  "Shoots"
*  "The golden fields"
*  "Among the golden rye"
*  "A noonday heat in the fields"
*  "Heavy thunderstorms hang over the golden rye"
*  "Delight. Long-awaited gifts of the skies"
*  "The harvest time"
*  "The golden harvest"