Unfortunately the modern world is used to use everything ready, packed, completed ... - Such an approach often leaves no place for creativity and constructing and leads to the fact that people forget "How is it?" - to do something with their own hands.

         Nevertheless recent years show an increasing interest in a handwork, which strengthens the belief, that our future isn`t hopeless. And MNQstudio has decided to support common ambitions and has worked out products and sets for people, who want to become familiar with creativity.

         The project is made up as a way of identification and development of creative abilities of people, who are of different ages, and of union people by a cooperative work on a common project.

         The main idea of the project has become the development of "thematic blanks" - unfinished products that any person could decorate and complete with his own hands, according to his ideas and due to his skills and abilities.

         The main ideological motive for the creation of wooden sets have become highlands and northern regions, their climate, flora and fauna. Each set of details is a separately distinct theme about a life of the members of flora and fauna, an environment and a culture of these remarkable places.

         Wooden sets are a prepared basis for creativity. A work with wood reminds about the nature and evokes a feeling of a warmth and an unity with the environment. Wooden details can be painted in any style and they will become unique and exclusive objects. The thematic coloring books attached to the sets are an art therapy that helps to develop an imagination and artistic skills, as well as to harmonize the internal state and remove the psychological tension.

         Wooden sets are a unique development which has no analogues. All wooden details, coloring pages, illustrations and packaging material prints are designed in our Studio.