"Modern" - is a modern view which is always directed forward-into the future.
"Nordic" - is a character of creativity, which is characterized by minimalism, tranquility and harmony against the backdrop of the manifestation of the extreme nature.
"Quarter" - is a place where you can find ideas that you need for life and creativity.

«MNQstudio - Art Laboratory" was created as a platform for a realization of creative ideas in various fields of art which are related to artistic crafts, a graphic and object design, music, a literature, etc.
The leitmotif of the creative ideas of this project became the northern and high-mountainous regions with their rich cultural features, amazing flora and fauna, with fantastic magical natural phenomenons, their extreme climate and cosmic landscapes.
The main idea of the project is a humanistic approach to creativity, with which help we leave a mark in history after ourselves.
The purpose of the project is to create "SOMETHING" that contributes to the development of creative abilities and imagination, the formation of aesthetic perception of the environment, harmonization of the inner world of the individual, the unification and mutual understanding of people, irrespective of age, social status, religion, nationality, etc.

About the author…
The author of the project is an architect-designer and an artist from Russia (Kaliningrad region) - Ksenia Paikova.
Architectural education and education in specialty "Environment Design" have become the foundation for more than ten years of work in civil architectural design. But education in the field of psychology was a turning moment and a starting point for a personal growth, when the author decided to change the direction of his creative path. The accumulated understanding of the surrounding world and of the architectural, social, psychological space as an environment for a favorable life of people has eventually transformed into the need to create objects for a harmonious life, basing on the fact of the natural world order that "Man is a part of Nature".

P. S.
The duties of each person include not only the development of himself, but also the development of our society and the natural environment, and it imposes responsibility on each of us. And this responsibility is not only a civic duty, a duty in a family, in a collective... We are all together responsible for what is happening around the world. We-humans model our future, being in a today's day. That is why it is especially important to think about “What are we doing?”, “Why?” and how it can affect the world around us…

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