Heavy thunderstorms hang over the golden rye

20 €
Size 50x70 cm

POSTER "Heavy thunderstorms hang over the golden rye"
150 g semigloss paper.

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«The Golden Fields. Richness» posters collection is created by an impression of rich views of surrounding landscapes, - of fields with sprouting shoots, of dry pale stems, left after a harvest, of thunderclouds, hanging over the earth in an intolerably soggy hot day, of sunsets over the edge of a horizon, pouring a fiery flame on arable lands. – There is a real magic, the indisputable course of evolution and the triumph of the power of the Nature in these processes!

And these processes have found an expression in watercolor graphics. A linear minimalism symbolizes the fundamentality, the logicality and consistency of the processes, and a voluminous abstractionism brings the spirit of innovation, development and evolution. Posters from these series will be a great addition to the interior in the Scandinavian style or a bright accent, that attracts an attention and subordinates the entire motive of the room design. The color solution of the collection is grey-blue in a combination with bright yellow cadmium.

A pressure forces down the sky to the ground. All warmth, which has soared, is ready to spill through a thunderstorm and to defuse the frozen condition of the heat. A landscape minimalism is being counterbalanced by avant-garde vivid colors. The tension of the elements of the air and the earth electrifies space and creates a sense of some sacred action, making the moment solemn and fascinating.

The posters are made on 150g/m semigloss paper.

We recommend having it framed right away.

Frame is not included.

The posters are shipped in cardboard tubes to avoid a damage during a shipping.

Note! Due to the digital format of photos we cannot give a 100% guarantee of conformity in color images with real products.